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If you own firearms or plan to and want to know you're following the law but don't want to spend weeks trying to figure it out, this book is for you. 

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What You Get With This Book

This Book Gives You Everything You Need To Know So You Can Maintain Your Second Amendment Right At All Times

Understand Federal Firearms Laws

Federal firearms laws can be complex. Gun Laws By State makes it easier. Written in plain English from the ground up so you can know and understand what they are and are not and how that relates to you and your rights.

Understand Constitutional Laws

What are your Second Amendment rights? Do you know for certain what they are? Stop guessing and know so you can make sure you understand and maintain your constitutional right at all times.

Know Your States Firearms Laws

Can you use deadly force if you are witness to a crime? Do you know which violations are civil in nature vs. criminal? Learn to answer these with ease and to know and follow all of your States firearms laws.

Know Where You Can Carry Your Firearm

Can you carry your firearm in your vehicle to work? How about at the local tavern? Know if, how, when and where you can carry your firearm with absolute certainty before you make a simple mistake that could cost you your rights.

Know How To Transport Your Firearm

Can you transport your loaded weapon without a license? How about transporting across state lines? How about when flying? Stop guessing and hoping what you’ve read on the internet is correct. Know for certain how to transport your firearm.

Know When You Can Use Deadly Force

A robber breaks into your house, can you shoot him? Before you answer yes, you’ll want to know this information. Don’t let a simple misunderstanding lead to your arrest and losing your Second Amendment right.

Answers, Worksheets And Checklists

It really is difficult if not impossible to comply with all of the firearms laws by doing your own research and even technical violations result in criminal arrest, confiscation and/or a civil suit costing tens of thousands. Inside the book you'll discover handy checklists for traveling with your firearm, worksheets for reciprocal carry between states and answers to your top gun law questions.

1 Year of Access to Companion Website

With your purchase you get 1-year FREE online access to the books companion website. Up to date with interactive reciprocity maps, gun law updates, gun law news and blog. There is also an interactive community where you can ask and get answers to your gun law questions.

About The Author

Firearms Attorney, Bryan L. Ciyou

Bryan L. Ciyou is a trial and appellate attorney at the Indianapolis law firm of Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. He earned his BA with distinction and graduated through the honors program, along with his JD, cum laude, at Indiana University. One of his key practice areas is firearms law where he represents a wide array of clients, including licensed manufacturers and dealers with criminal or regulatory/compliance matters, gun show promoters and businesses with firearms legal issues, and individuals involved in deadly force encounters.

Mr. Ciyou has authored three books on Indiana and federal firearms law -- the Indiana Firearms Law Reference Manual and seven editions of the annual reference manual, Gun Laws By State. The latter compiles the tens of thousands of gun laws and driving concepts and simplifies this complex interaction of local, state, and federal gun laws that bind citizens and law enforcement officers who carry firearms off duty in other states. He also recently completed a chapter in the book, Inside the Minds: Strategies for Defending Firearms Offense Charges, published by Thomson Reuters, one of America's largest legal publishers, structured to assist America's practicing criminal defense and other attorneys working in this area of law. Mr. Ciyou is actively involved in shooting sports and has trained at some of the country's best facilities, such as Gunsite, under the tutelage of renowned instructors.

Why I Wrote Gun Laws By State

This book came out of me, really growing up with guns. I had continued the interest through law school and when I went to work as a lawyer, I was the "go to" guy for police officers and judges and still am when they get their own questions. I'll get the call and usually can find an answer to the most esoteric of gun questions. After working on three books in Indiana and spending nearly a decade on the topic, I decided with the background knowledge I had, I could make a real contribution by writing Gun Laws by State, to provide the average citizen with the right to transport a gun between states or carry in another state with reciprocal licensing. It's interesting though, that this book comes out a time when the perception of violent crime is at an all time high yet actual violent crime is at an all time low and has been dropping precipitously since the 70's. I am proud to say that Gun Laws by State, may be the thing I can do in the gun industry and for the 2nd amendment to make America continue to be the freest, greatest nation on earth.

See What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

Best Firearm Law Resource Out There

Gun Laws by State is an excellent resource for understanding your own state’s gun laws, as well as which states have similar gun laws to the one you enjoy. This is a helpful tool for planning travels and knowing ahead of time how to transport your firearm, where your carry permit is recognized and under what circumstances. I highly recommend this book for gun enthusiasts and those who travel with firearms.  ~ Liam, Ohio

Must Have Book

If you own a gun, you must own this book! I travel a lot across the country for my job and most of the time I'm driving. I go nowhere without carrying a handgun, where lawfully allowed and this book. In my opinion this gun law book is everything I need to be smart, keep informed and keep myself out of unnecessary trouble. ~ S. Sundee

Complete and reasonably priced

“Gun Laws by State” finally provides the Right-to-Carry reciprocity and firearm transport guide that several gun organizations have tried and failed to achieve. I enthusiastically recommend this book and the interactive website […]) without hesitation. ~ L. Diehl - St. Louis

This book cuts through the ignorance like none other...
Nothing cuts through the ignorance that surrounds this subject better than a reference work that effectively covers all aspects of it as thoroughly as this book does. I highly recommend it to anyone having a genuine interest in knowing more about the subject. ~ A. Sederquist

A must have for those who CCW!!!
There are a few books on the market that cover gun laws in the US, none are as complete as this one. It provides each state’s laws and what you need to know to legally travel from state to state. ~ Sandy

Finally, a complete reference on gun laws.
Having bought other gun law guides year after year and knowing there was more info one needed to know, I took a chance on this book. And it delivered more than I expected. Thank you! ~ Chuck, Midwest

Why You Need This Book...

Myth, Mis-information and Lies!

Does the 2nd Amendment protect your individual right to keep and bear arms? It’s a yes or no question, but the answer is a challenging one. If you read the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution under the Bill of Rights, you would probably answer this question with an affirmative YES. However, there are two instances of caselaw on the books, one supports this interpretation while the other does not. This and several other instances of conflicting laws, misinformation and flat out lies regarding buying, possessing and using your firearm(s) often times presents gun owners with more questions than answers. So what do you believe and where do you get timely, relevant information you can trust?

Gun Law Quiz - See For Yourself

Can you answer the following questions with absolute certainty:
  1. Does the 2nd Amendment protect your individual right to keep and bear arms wherever you desire?
  2. If someone breaks into your home, can you use deadly force?
  3. If you are attacked physically, are you able to exercise deadly force?
  4. Can you carry your firearm wherever you want unless otherwise posted?
  5. Can you transport your firearm across state lines in your vehicle?
  6. Can you use deadly force if you are witness to a crime?
  7. Do you know which law violations are civil in nature vs. criminal?

Too Many Laws in Too Many Places

All law exists somewhere. However, there are too many gun laws in too many places. This makes it difficult for you to know and understand what your rights are and more importantly what they are not. Between keeping up with your daily life, figuring out where to find the various firearms laws and then decipher the legal speak – keeping yourself in line with the gun laws (local, state and federal) can be overwhelming. And that’s where Gun Laws by State comes in. Get your hands on all U.S. Gun Laws, all in one place.

Get Your Copy!

Preparing you for the time when “what if” becomes “what is.” Written by a prominent gun law author, and nationally recognized gun law attorney. 490 pages. Covers Reciprocal Carry of 50 states, Constitutional & Federal Law, Use of Force, Criminal Provisions, Civil & Criminal Liability, Preemption, Federal Property & Interstate Transportation & HR 218.

Includes 1-year access to companion gun law site and community

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