Gun Laws By State 2016 Edition

Gun Laws by State 2016 Edition

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1,000+ Updates to the New & Expanded 2016 Edition!

Preparing you for the time when “what if” becomes “what is.” Written by a prominent gun law author, and nationally recognized gun law attorney. 360 pages. Covers Reciprocal Carry of 50 states, Constitutional & Federal Law, Use of Force, Criminal Provisions, Civil & Criminal Liability, Preemption, Federal Property & Interstate Transportation & HR 218. View Table of Contents & Chapter Samples

  • New – with the purchase of Gun Laws by State, get 1-year FREE online access to the book’s companion website. Up to date with interactive reciprocity maps, gun law updates and blog.
  • It really is difficult if not impossible to comply with all of the firearms laws by doing your own research and even technical violations result in criminal arrest, confiscation and/or a civil suit costing tens of thousands.  Don’t be the next victim!
  • Get your hands on all U.S. Gun Laws, all in one place.
  • 7 reviews for Gun Laws by State 2016 Edition

    1. 5 out of 5


      Finally! A comprehensive gun law resource for all 50 States and much more.

      Having bought other gun law guides year after year and knowing there was “more” info one needed to know to remain fully compliant in buying and carrying a firearm lawfully, I took a chance on this book to see if it could fill that void. And boy did it deliver. It covers all aspects of firearms law, from the original driving concepts to where we are today all the way through to the individual states, their reciprocal agreements and criminal provisions. The chapter, “Wisdom from a Death Penalty Qualified Defense Attorney” is priceless. The supporting website should be explored, the blog has great content. The only thing missing is a clickable reciprocity map, but their basic table gives you everything you need anyway. I’ll be buying this book every year now.

    2. 5 out of 5


      A must have for those who CCW!!!

      Gun Laws by State” is an excellent resource for understanding your own state’s gun laws, as well as which states have similar gun laws to the one you enjoy. This is a helpful tool for planning travels and knowing ahead of time how to transport your firearm, where your carry permit is recognized and under what circumstances. I highly recommend this book for gun enthusiasts and those who travel with firearms.

    3. 5 out of 5


      I have long been frustrated by the lack of a comprehensive firearm law resource that I could trust to have the most updated and accurate information. Several organizations have tried to create maps or charts and provide descriptions of state gun laws, but “Gun Laws by State” is the BEST BY FAR.

      The book provides a great explanation of our Second Amendment, details when the federal and state governments began enacting gun control laws (and what kind of early gun control laws those were) and lists the Supreme Court cases on the subject in an easy-to-understand way that is perfect for anyone, from novice shooters to experienced gunnies.

      “Gun Laws by State” finally provides the Right-to-Carry reciprocity and firearm transport guide that several gun organizations have tried and failed to achieve. I enthusiastically recommend this book and the interactive website […]) without hesitation.

    4. 5 out of 5


      A must for anyone who owns a gun and travels across state lines…

      I travel a lot across the country for my job and most of the time I am driving. I go no where without carrying a handgun, where lawfully allowed. I needed a gun law reference book that could take the large amount of legal jargon and dumb it down to the most important stuff I need to know. This book covers all 50 states throughout its 280 pages. If you are looking for a straightforward book on gun laws and state reciprocal carry, this is the one to get.

      This book also has a nice feature. If you want more detail about specific state gun laws, you follow what they call an EZ link – where you can find more info about certain state laws. This is really smart…because when state gun laws change, the book is never out of date because the EZ link is updated as well. Nice touch!

      In my opinion, this gun law book hits the mark. I have recommended this book to my friends and family.

      There is no excuse for ignorance of the law. Be smart, keep informed and know the federal and state gun laws – this will go a long way towards keeping you out of trouble.

    5. 5 out of 5


      I bought this book thinking the first part (full of legaleeze) would be a waste of money but hoped the bulk of the book with the state listings would be useful. I was wrong about the first part and right about the second.
      The first hundred pages are full of very useful information. It covers traveling on planes, trains, buses and private transportation. It covers School zones, airports and Federal properties. It has a great chapter on myth busting.
      My favorite section of the whole book is a small section called “Wisdom from a Death -Penalty Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney”. It give some very concise and common sense points to think about.

      The bulk of the book is a state by state breakdown of each state with 4 main parts.

      1. The State Constitution
      2. Scope of Preemption
      3. Reciprocal Carry
      4. Criminal Provisions

      This format makes it simple to find quickly whatever you are looking for in each state.
      One thing this book has that it really outstanding are the internet links. The author lists internet links to important points and supporting information. The reciprocity table link is very handy and provides real time information.
      Anyone who travels the US, especially truck drivers should find this a gold mine of information and just as valuable.

    6. 5 out of 5


      If you want to know the facts, go to the source. Through my involvement with the legislative process, I know first hand that Mr. Ciyou is a relied upon source as new firearms laws are created (the good ones, he helps prevent the bad!). I use GUN LAWS BY STATE as a starting point and treatise both in my legislative and legal practice, but this “bible of firearms practice” is written and organized in a manner that anyone can understand. In my roles as attorney, government affairs advocate, firearms instructor, and shooting sports coach, I counsel my clients, students, and athletes who undertake the huge responsibility (and civic duty) of carrying, transporting, and discharging a firearm to back themselves up with the knowledge contained in this book. (I ALWAYS prefer to counsel all who will listen on the merits of this book BEFORE they need to use this wisdom and knowledge, not after!) I also advise my second amendment friends to first arm themselves with the knowledge contained in GUN LAWS BY STATE and buy a second copy (or more) to back up a friend. Don’t leave home (or even stay at home) without this MUST READ FIREARM MANUAL!

    7. 5 out of 5


      I have read many firearm/handgun/rifle books and currently posses a FFL. Since I am in the firearm industry, and own firearms, this book is extremely valuable. The 2013 edition is very handy and easy to read. It clearly outlines state by state laws, federal laws, laws on interstate travel, carry on federal lands/parks and shows a chart of which states honor your conceal carry permit. This is an absolute must have for EVERY firearm owner. Thank you Bryan, he literally wrote the book on firearm law.

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